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Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete36
Courses Required11
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The major in Religion requires a minimum of thirty-six hours (eleven courses), one of which may be taken in a cognate discipline. It is important for the student to work closely with an adviser in choosing a course of study, which may include, for example, an emphasis in a particular religious tradition or a thematic emphasis such as religion and conflict, religion and ethics, religion and gender, ritual and performance studies, classical texts and religious thought, or comparative sacred texts.

The major requires:

  1. Religion 300: Interpreting Religion
  2. Religion 490W: Senior Symposium
  3. 9 elective courses that must include the study of religion in terms of religious traditions, regions, and themes.

TRADITION REQUIREMENT: at least 2 courses in the same religious tradition; and at least 1 course in a different tradition. Examples: Buddhism, Judaism; including studies of a tradition’s scriptures (e.g. Qur’an, New Testament). ABOVE, INDICATE 2 COURSES WITH THE SAME TRADITION AND ONE OTHER (e.g. Tradition-Buddhism, Tradition-Buddhism, and Tradition-Islam).

REGION REQUIREMENT: at least 2 courses that examine religion in a particular geographical area, which might also include cultures in diaspora. Examples: America, East Asia, African diaspora. LIST 2 COURSES AS “REGION.”

THEME REQUIREMENT: at least 2 thematic courses. “Themes” may refer to approaches, topics, methods, perspectives. Examples: Death and Dying, Introduction to Religion, Religion and Healing, Human Goodness, and many special topics. LIST 2 COURSES AS “THEME.”

Counting classes: The principle of “double-dipping” (but not “triple-dipping”) is allowed—for example REL 307, “East Asian Buddhism,” could count under both “traditions” and “regions.” REL 318, “Islamic Law” could count under both “traditions” and “themes.” Consultation with the DUS or your advisor is recommended.

Up to 2 courses (including language courses beyond the College’s minimum requirement) not listed (or crosslisted) as REL can count towards your electives, if the content of the course is clearly relevant to the student’s program in the study of Religion, and subject to the approval of the DUS.

All courses taken towards the major must be taken for a letter grade.