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Religion and HistoryMajor

Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete48 - 56
Courses Required15
Department Contacts


A minimum of forty-eight hours (fifteen courses) as follows:

  1. Twenty-three hours (seven courses) from Department of Religion: One tradition-specific course (with approval of adviser); Religion 300; Religion 490W; and four additional courses, two at the 300 level or higher;
  2. Twenty-five hours (eight courses) from Department of History: Eight courses, at least five of these at the 300 level or above, addressing subject matter common to the two disciplines, and one of which must be a 400-level colloquium (History 487, 488, or 489R).

The course list must be approved by an adviser in each department. Majors will write at least one term paper in their junior year and one in their senior year. One of these papers must be written in conjunction with a history course taken by the student, and one in conjunction with a religion course. These papers will focus on the historical development of religion or religious ideas.

Honors in the joint major may be earned by satisfying the honors requirements of either department.