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Partial and Semester Withdrawals

Partial Course Withdrawals

Emory students may withdraw from one or more courses until the 33rd instructional day of the fall and spring semesters provided that the student continues to carry a load of 12 credit hours or is in their final semester of residence as a graduating senior with an approved underload. In order for a partial withdrawal to be processed, a student must complete a withdrawal form for approval by the Office for Undergraduate Education. Partial withdrawal deadlines for summer sessions are set according to the length of the term and will be published on the Office for Undergraduate Education Academic Calendar.  

In addition, students will be allowed one extended voluntary withdrawal from a course after regular withdrawal deadline and until the 53rd instructional day of the semester during one of their first two regular semesters of full-time residency at Emory College provided that they maintain a 12 credit hour course load. Only one extended withdrawal is allowed in that first year. An eligible student must complete a withdrawal form for approval by the Office for Undergraduate Education. This voluntary withdrawal policy applies to first-year students, transfer students, and Oxford Continuees. This policy does not apply to students who are on study abroad programs.

One additional withdrawal provision is available. After the regular partial withdrawal deadline, a student may petition for a withdrawal from a class based on medical need, family emergency, death in the immediate family, or other significant circumstance resulting in unforeseen hardship for the student. Petitions will be reviewed by academic advisors in the Office for Undergraduate Education, who, with the student’s permission, will consult with medical personnel where appropriate. Consultation with instructors, the student’s advisor and/or others will be part of the decision process. Petitions will be considered for approval by a dean in the Office for Undergraduate Education.

Semester Withdrawals

A student may completely withdraw from a semester in Emory College with permission from the Office for Undergraduate Education. A student who withdraws voluntarily before the end of the twenty-third calendar day following the beginning of classes will receive grades of W in all the courses for which they are registered that term. Thereafter, a student who withdraws will normally receive grades of WF in all courses, except under the provision below.

For reasons of illness or other compelling circumstances, a student may withdraw during the semester from all classes with the approval of a dean in the Office for Undergraduate Education. Students must provide documentation from a treating health provider or other appropriate documentation relevant to their circumstances. If a dean grants the semester withdrawal, the student will receive grades of W in all courses for that term. The Office for Undergraduate Education, in consultation with the Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Student Intervention Services, will officially inform the student in writing as to the terms and timing for readmission. Typically, students who withdraw for medical reasons and are in good academic standing are eligible for readmission after an additional semester away from Emory. A physician statement is required for all students returning after a medical leave of absence. The form must be provided by the student’s health care provider(s).

Unofficial withdrawal from the University results in 100 percent forfeiture of tuition. When officially withdrawing, students may be eligible for a refund of payments depending upon the date of withdrawal. Refunds are only processed for complete semester withdrawals; partial withdrawals from individual courses are not eligible for refunds. Financial aid awards that pay part or all of the student charges are prorated accordingly. Refunds for federal (Title IV) aid recipients will be prorated in accordance with federal regulations. No refunds are issued until all semester charges are paid in full. See the Deadlines page on the Student Accounts and Billing website for the Emory Tuition Adjustment Schedule.