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Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete39
Courses Required11
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Requirements for the Major

  1. Six Language Courses- ARAB 101, ARAB 102, ARAB 201, ARAB 202, ARAB 301, ARAB 302
  2. Two Arabic Capstone Courses - ARAB 401, 402
  3. Two courses in either Arabic linguistics or Arabic literature, or a combination of the two. Examples of linguistics courses include: ARAB 425 (Arabic Dialectology), MESAS 420 (Judeo-Arabic) or courses in Arabic Sociolinguistics. Examples of literature courses include: Arabic 410 (Advanced Language and Culture), ARAB 497 (Supervised Reading in Arabic Literature), MESAS 211 (Arabic Literature), MESAS 315 (The Qu\'ran), MESAS 415 (Great Books of the Islamic World).
  4. One Course in the culture of the Arab World. (e.g. one of the following): MESAS 210 (Arab World: Culture and Society), MESAS 260 (Cultures of the Middle East); MESAS 310 (Voices of Arab Women)

In addition, a summer or semester abroad program in an Arabic-speaking country is highly desirable.


Arabic 101 and Arabic 102